Sacrifice at its heart is not just giving something up, or laying down something for someone else, or offering up “payment.” True sacrifice involves self discovery. You can’t truly sacrifice if you don’t know what you have to offer and “count the cost.” In the model of Jesus the idea of sacrifice encompasses knowing your identity (who you are), your gifting (what you have), and generosity (how the Spirit of Jesus is calling you to give).





Learning Your God-Given Gifts


Take this simple spiritual gifts assessments.

What Type of Spiritual Gifts Do You Have?

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3T Assessment
  • Take some time to write down all the things that you have. Use the categories Time, Talents, and Treasures.
  • Under each category circle in green those that you for God
  • Circle the ones you use for others in black
  • Circles the ones you use for yourself in red
  • Ask yourself these 2 questions?
    • Am I using what God has given me more for myself and others or for God?
    • What is God’s desire for all that He has blessed me with? How can I bring my 3Ts into alignment with His will?


Who Do You Think You Are? - Mark Driscoll
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