Rest for so many is an afterthought or a forced act due to exhaustion. Rest is a gift from God. Jesus rested. God rested. Man is commanded to rest. Rest is part of loving God with your heart, soul, mind, and strength. The key to rest is reorienting your life around God’s view of time and not yours, choosing to engage in practices that reorient your day, week, season, year, and beyond around Him.






Probably the hardest step is the first one: deciding what you’re going to stop doing. If you’re like most people, you’re over scheduled and busy. But to rest, you need to remove something, stop something, and/or say “no” to something. Write every activity on your calendar on it’s own individual post-it note. Then ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in deciding which you should keep doing and which you need to stop doing.


There is way too much noise in your life. Create silence in your life today, or this week. Resist turning on the TV because you’re bored or flipping on the radio in the car because you always do. Instead sit in silence. If you can’t do that in your routine, get out of town, into the woods, into the country. Find a place of silence and just listen. Be. Rest. Wait.


One day. 24 hours. On the seventh day God rested. What day is it going to be for you? Start small. Start somewhere. Set aside a day, 24 hours, this week, and use it for two purposes:

1. To be with Jesus.

2. To enjoy His creation and rest in His provision, power, protection, and promises.


Once you’ve worked through setting aside time to rest, time to be silent, time to be alone with God, go after a rhythm. Don’t let this be a “one off” practice. Make it a part of your life. Look at your calendar and plan God’s time first. And trust Him with the rest. Make being with God and resting in God THE priority on your calendar.