About Mark

Faith Story

I was born into a Christian, church-going family. We went to church every Sunday and attended all church events. When I was 15, I got my first guitar, and two months later I was playing for worship services. That led to me spending over 30 years in the music industry. This is not an industry that is generally Christian friendly. I was away from church for over 15 years until my wife, Shannon, got me turned around and I returned to church. At one point, I contemplated becoming a pastor, which brought me to St Louis. Work schedules and other issues didn’t allow me to pursue that goal. We’ve been attending since 2001.  I came aboard as the Facilities Manager for our Columbia location in 2016.


Hope for The Way

My hope for The Way is that it will be an inviting and warm place for not only the members but for the community at large; a place where we can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.