Meet Sue Wanninger

I grew up attending the small Baptist church in our town and I went to Sunday School every week. My dad, when he went, attended a Lutheran church with my grandparents. Like a lot of teenagers, I moved away from my faith for a long time. After I met Gerhard at age 30 (I believe by divine appointment), we were married in a Lutheran church – a good compromise between Baptist and his Catholic upbringing! We had our first child, Annalies, just shy of our first anniversary and a second one, Matthaeus, shortly after that.

We felt at home the moment we walked in the door of our church. There was never a thought over the last 26+ years that we needed to be anywhere else.

Hope for The Way

The Way has become an extended family to us. The groups we are part of provide us with the support, fun, and life accountability that we love. Gerhard envisioned the growth of this church from the beginning when he came over as a band member, and I’m so happy to be part of what God is doing in the hearts and minds of the community here. As a worshipper here since 1996, and a staff member since 2008, my hope for The Way is that we are practicing the way of Jesus together so everyone can experience what it’s like to be with Jesus and be like Jesus. To live out our values of simplicity, authenticity, elasticity, generosity, and curiosity will take our church to places we haven’t even imagined yet!