Meet Stuart Harrier

I am a proud husband and father, honored to be called to lead my family into the things of the Lord. My wife, Vesta and I have been married since August of 2021 and in just a short period of time, realized how much we need the Lord in every aspect of our lives. It is a privilege to do life with my amazing wife and to be sharpened by her passion and zeal for the Lord in our family.

We have made it our mission in this family to serve the Lord as one and to look at our ministry in the church through the lens of family and relationships. Between the two of us, we have many years of experience working in both worship and youth ministries and are exciting to hold the assignment of leading those ministries at The Way Church.

We pray that the Lord will impact this church with encounters of His presence and manifestations of His Spirit in worship, small groups, and daily life. We believe that the heartbeat of worship is obedience to the Lord and His word. Living a lifestyle of obedience to Him is a sure way to walk more intimately with Him. Lifestyle worship is what we humbly try to walk in and we hope that the Lord uses us to encourage others to walk the same path.