Faith Story

My parents brought me up in the faith from the beginning, which carried me through middle school and high school. College brought challenges, obstacles, and doubts, but it was in those valleys that God revealed how firmly He was holding onto me. In the lowest period of my life, He sustained me. After college, I refocused on letting the Spirit lead me and guide my life, which has led me to where I am today.

The first life-changing door God led me through was joining the staff of Faith Columbia in October of 2018 as Worship Arts Coordinator. I had spent a lot of my college time gaining worship experience in various internships and was offered the position at Columbia shortly after I graduated.

During my first year at Faith, I walked through another one of God’s open doors and started dating my wife, Katelynn. We got married two years later in 2020 and now have a puppy that we’ve named after our biggest shared fandom, Disney. We would gladly put her in any running for “World’s Cutest Dog,” anytime.


Hope for The Way

I hope to see God multiply what He’s doing at The Way, uniting followers of The Way all across Monroe County. I pray that He would extend our church family beyond four walls and into our community so that our building becomes a hub of worship, not the entirety of it. I hope to see the Spirit moving in His people, inspiring generosity, authenticity, elasticity, curiosity, and simplicity inside and out of worship services.